Habitat Restoration

Williams Creek Aquatic Restoration

Williams Creek Aquatic Restoration The Williams Creek Aquatic Restoration Project (#15-1247) the first phase of proposed restoration of tributaries and floodplains in the Williams Creek watershed. The project is linked to the US Forest Service (USFS) Swauk Pine Restoration Project. This large-scale project takes a watershed approach to restoring both upland forest

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Tillman Creek Flow Augmentation

Tillman Creek Flow Augmentation The Tillman Creek Flow Augment Project mitigated for development that required residential groundwater withdrawals within the Tillman Creek sub-basin. Flow augmentation adds water into a stream to help increase the amount and quality of water. During warm summer months, Tillman Creek went dry, or dewatered, on the stretch

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Lower Cle Elum River Restoration Project

Lower Cle Elum River Restoration Project The Lower Cle Elum River Instream Habitat and Side-Channel Restoration Project is a two-phase project that improved spawning and rearing habitat for native salmon and trout species on the stretch of the river beneath the Cle Elum Dam. The project is located within the conservation easement

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