Currier/Reecer Creek Barrier Removal and Revegetation Project

Funded by the Washington state Salmon Recovery Funding Board, this project improved access to 1.7 miles of rearing habitat for mid-Columbia steelhead, spring Chinook, and coho salmon. We removed two fish passage barriers in the Currier/Reecer Creek tributary of the Yakima River. Re-sloping and terracing of the banks restored more natural processes to this section of the creeks. The two work sites were revegetated with native species of trees and shrubs to improve riparian habitat quality. Opening this type of fish access to river tributaries provides much-needed habitat for our recovering salmon populations.

For detailed information on this project, including site maps, project designs, and additional photos, go to the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Offices website:

Project Details

Date Completed
February 2011

General Area
West of Ellensburg


Removed 3 fish passage barriers

Photo Gallery

Original Irrigation StructureCurrier/Reecer Creek Barrier Removal and Revegetation Project
currier creek restoration
Before restorationAfter