Preserving the Forests and Rivers of the Upper Yakima River Basin

If our forests, rivers, wildlife and fish could talk, what would they say? Our conservation and habitat restoration work have given us a picture of what that might be. We give their important stories a platform through our blog and videos. We also share stories about the work we are doing to ensure critical habitat in Kittitas County remains accessible and healthy for wildlife, fish, and people.

Blog Posts

Out With The Old, and In With The… Nothing?

By |Fish and Wildlife, Fish Passage Improvements|

Fish passage barrier is anything that inhibits fish, from adults to small fry, from moving up or down stream. As you can imagine, they come in all shapes in sizes. On this project, the barrier came in the shape of a ford. Working with our partners, we were able

Gold Creek Pond Restoration FAQ

By |Fish and Wildlife, Fish Passage Improvements, Habitat Restoration|

Gold Creek once was home to a thriving population of bull trout and salmon. However, today salmon no longer live here and bull trout numbers are rapidly dwindling. The past 5 years we and our partners have collected data in Gold Creek Valley to understand the causes of bull

Gold Creek Pond: Changing the Dynamics of a Watershed

By |Fish and Wildlife, Habitat Restoration|

We're sure you are familiar with flying drones, but have you heard of a floating drone? As part of the Gold Creek Restoration Project we used a boat drone to gather the floor topography (bathymetry) of Gold Creek Pond. Why do we need to know that? We will be using

River Detectives: Trying to Solve the Mysteries of Kachess

By |Fish and Wildlife, Habitat Restoration|

We spent some days in October in the field with Inter-Fluve to collect information on the upper Kachess River. Our staff conducted survey work, gathered GPS points, took flow measurements, conducted gravel counts and collected stream bed samples. We also gathered LiDAR data that will be used in conjunction

Our Videos

Learn about the Cle Elum River Project, which was completed in 2014. This project was done in two phases and required the use of heavy equipment and helicopters. It created several miles of additional side habitat for salmon and refuge from the high flows released throughout the summer. Check it out!

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