Habitat Restoration

Cougar Gulch – Protecting Fish and Roads

Through the end of September, we will be working on a project to replace two culverts located in Cougar Gulch near Liberty, WA. This relatively small project will have huge impacts for fish by removing culverts that are too small for the stream at higher flows. The project will also ensure the longevity of the

Bull Trout in the Food Web

By the time they are an adult, bull trout can measure over 2 feet in length and weight over 20 pounds. Their large size lends itself to them being the apex predator in the lakes and rivers of the upper Yakima River Basin. However, as young fish they are an important part of the food

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Protecting Bull Trout in the Upper Yakima River Basin

Kittitas Conservation Trust (KCT) is working hard to protect bull trout! They are important for maintaining the unique ecosystem of the upper Yakima River basin and are a primary indicator of climate change impacts – a canary in the coal mine. Bull trout are currently listed as threatened by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Location

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