Swauk Creek Instream & Riparian Project

Swauk Creek Instream & Riparian The Swauk Creek Instream Project took a holistic approach to address human impacts. Swauk Creek is tributary to the Yakima River in northern Kittitas County. The creek is home to Mid-Columbia Steelhead. Other important fish native to the Swauk watershed include Coho salmon, Spring Chinook salmon, Rainbow

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Nelson Creek Passage Restoration Project

Nelson Creek Passage Restoration Project Nelson Creek is a tributary that feeds into the upper Yakima River near river mile 193.  Here, a perched, undersized culvert (24" plastic pipe) at the confluence with the Yakima River created a fish passage barrier. Because of the barrier, fish could not access the creek, which

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Taneum Creek Fish Passage Project

Taneum Creek Fish Passage Project From February 2008 to February 2012, KCT partnered with the Bureau of Reclamation, Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program (YTAHP), WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bruton Water Users, Taneum Canal Co., and the Yakama Nation on a comprehensive analysis of new fish passage alternatives for lower

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Cle Elum River Cooper Bridge Restoration

Cle Elum River Cooper Bridge Restoration The Cooper Bridge project was part of broader Cle Elum River floodplain restoration work. The goal was to protect and restore riparian habitat while accommodating appropriate recreational use in the very popular Cooper Bridge area. Dispersed campsites in this area were in close proximity to important

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