We see the effects of climate change across Washington State in a number of ways. At Gold Creek, these impacts do contribute to dewatering. Weather and climate, primarily winter snowpack levels and summer thunderstorms, influence both the timing and duration of dewatering in the creek. Climate change models predict the Gold Creek watershed will gradually experience warmer and drier summers, further exacerbating dewatering in the creek.

Climate change is a problem on a global scale and it can be difficult to directly influence its effects on a local level. Washington State has identified climate change adaptation, or finding ways to retain as much as possible natural processes despite the effects of climate change, as a key measure in our planning and restoration activities.

As a community-based land, water, and habitat conservation organization, our ability to influence climate change effects on a broad-scale is limited. But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless! What we can do is address the local issues causing dewatering of the creek such as an over widened channel and the altered groundwater table.