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On Thursday, December 13th we will be hosting the Gold Creek Pond Restoration Design Charrette. The purpose of the charrette is to:

  • Foster an understanding of the purpose and need for restoration of the Gold Creek Pond site
  • Determine the top 2-3 conceptual alternatives that will address the limiting factors of bull trout production in Gold Creek
  • Provide an early understanding of the potential impacts (recreation, wildlife, fish, property owners, etc.)
  • Provide information to assist the project team in developing conceptual draft drawings of the top 2-3 alternatives
  • Identify and update the contact list of important stakeholders for future project development

If you would like to participate in the charrette, please register using the form below. Registration is required to participate. Thanks for your participation and we look forward to really digging into thoughts about Gold Creek Pond restoration!

Gold Creek Pond Restoration Design Charrette Registration

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